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English Debate Competiton

Dear Community,

During the last two months and a half, a group of students from senior year A and B consisting of Esteban Arriagada, Sergio Tapia, Esteban Venegas and Camilo Venegas have worked hard preparing for a Debate Competition organized by Liceo de Aplicación.

The teams participating in this event were:

  • Liceo 7 de Niñas

  • Instituto Nacional

  • Liceo Bicentenario de Maipú

  • Liceo de Aplicación

  • Liceo Ruiz Tagle

And the topics to be debated were: “Marihuana should be legalized as a medical option” and “Immigrants should have the same rights as any Chilean”

Debating in English is a tremendous tool that improves speaking English skills. In addition, it encourages students to practice English in a different way so as to increase their levels of understanding and producing this language in another context. Also, it helps to open to other communities and share experiences.

Today, we finally met. The venue for this competition was Universidad Metropolitana de las Ciencias de la Educación (UMCE).

The Competition took two thrilling rounds. The competitors performed really well. It was an exciting competition.

We proudly have to say we passed the two rounds and won a very tight second place. The winner of this year competition was Liceo Nº 7 de Niñas.

We want to thank our school‘s principal Ms. Lorens Duarte and her team, also our teachers for all their support and good thoughts.

Let’s be proud and congratulate our team!

Way to go Ruiztaglinos!

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